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Every day 8250 million litres of sewage flows into the Ganga river and it’s tributaries — yet only a fraction of it is treated. Despite government commitments  to clean the river in the Ganga Action Plan, Mission Clean Ganga and the National Ganga River Basin Authority, sewage continues to pour into the national river.

Dozens of sewage treatment plants have been constructed, but they fail to capture all the sewage, remove harmful bacteria, and numerous electricity blackouts mean the power plants are often out of operation. We need a model city to demonstrate an effective solution that can be replicated.

The government has already expended over Rs.3000 crore over 20 years implementing ineffective systems while hundreds of thousands of people have contracted diseases from the  polluted water. We can not let poor planning for the Indian condition continue to destroy our river on which hundreds of millions depend.

The solution is simple and it exists.What holds it back is inaction at all levels.

The central government has already given approval in 2008 for such an effective and innovative solution in Varanasi. All that is needed is for the work to begin.

With political candidates contesting the seat in Varanasi, it is clear that only candidates who clearly, strongly and sincerely stand by the issues of Ganga pollution, and who support the 3-point plan for addressing it, can be supported by voters.

Please also forward this petition to at least 10 friends and family members so we can get at least 10,000 people to sign!


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  2. Dr. D.K.Sundd says:

    Let us together build the pressure on decision makers for implementing the innovative solution for combating filth from the holy mother Ganga

  3. vishal yadav says:

    still i remember , the day when my mind begins thinking till that day people printed GANGA JI’s image as mother in my mind, but until this period i am really cant understand then why those same peoples are not waking up to protect there mother……..

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